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How To Make Your Legs Appear Longer

June 20, 2011
Sorry I’ve been totally MIA for the past few days. How’s ya weekend people? Well I have a ton of things to finish but it’s all good! I definitely love being productive. I was busy with a few events, advertorials write up, and of course The Childlike Empress. There’s a lot of work to do…Sigh*but I can definitely do this. I even started job hunting! =D Anyhoos, here’s a blog post on ‘What I Wore”.What I Wore
High waist shorts is consider a must have in every girls closet. This garment was originally to be trendy in the early seventies but is now very popular.It’s definitely a big come back. High waist pants are very versatile. Just put it on with a simple top and sandals trust me you’ll never go wrong with it. If you’re not tall no worries, this is the ideal pants because it can make ya legs look longer~

Stripe Shirt, Can’t remember where I got thisBraces, Four Skin High Waist Pleated Shorts, TheChildlikeEmpress.comSatchel, Topshop Scarf, Lulu Guinness.

My Blog Loading Too Slow!

June 16, 2011
For the past few days my blog loading too slow! I am quite frustrated about it right now…thought of changing it to WordPress =). I’m new about using WordPress and currently at the development of my blog. Well yea…I’m at the development process yet and I am having problems here because everything is so different from blogspot. Please suggest some ways to handle this. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

p/s: Sean if you read this I really need ya help when you’re back! =D

What I Wore:
Now time for the fashion post, I wore this look for a meeting today for maximum comfort. I was too lazy to dress up today…so to dress it up abit effortless. I pulled on my comfortable embroidered bohemian top from, tied a braided chain headband From as well…then finish up this look with my favorite gladiator wedges! WALLA~ yet another effortless bohemian style =)

create avatar

Embroidered Bohemian Top, Braided Chain Headband, TheChildlikeEmpress.comGladiator Wedges, The Curve Weekend Market.

Oh yea and not forgetting this! Go get ya hands on The world’s first Playstation certified android phone – Xperia PLAY from Celcom Exec. Don’t said I didn’t share this earlier =)~ I always fascinating about Xperia PLAY is that it really look like Playstation. It’s like a game machine + cell phone…how cool is that!

After all that I’ve said, I think the no one advantage of using Xperia PLAY is still the affordable plan on Celcom Exec. You can update all you want without having worry about your bill and you also can get it as low as RM848.

• Sign up now and enjoy:
FREE Multimedia Dock DK300
FREE exclusive games

Stand a chance to participate in Sony Ericsson Xperia Play gaming contest to win RM100,000!

Was thinking should I make the switch? =) For more information on Xperia PLAY on Celcom’s website.

What I Wore

June 15, 2011
Finally a ‘What I Wore’ post! Wow, has it really been almost one week since my last outfit post? I am so sorry!! Everyone is busy over here. I don’t have time to take photos or sit down and update. Now on to my look today…Yea you can call me a bohemian freak, cause I’m really into the bohemian look.

Season after season, bohemian influence runs rampant through the fashion world. The hippie inspired style gives birth to must have trends almost as many times as Kate Moss and Nicole Richie step out their front door. In the ever-evolving world of boho chic, fringe details is a must. Not just that adding a little fringe can make you a little ‘rock’, a little ‘boho’ or a little ‘cowgirl’. However you want to wear it

Sunflower Crochet Fringe Top, TheChildlikeEmpress.comBlack Corduroy Jeans, GapBrown Leather Jacket, VintageBucket Bag

Lunch at Fong Lye

June 15, 2011
Okay.. Before anything else, I am so sorry for the little “hibernation period” on ‘What I Wore’ post I had here with regards to my blog. Know that I’m back and I’ll be sure to try to blog as much as I can. Sad to say that everyone here is busy to be my personal photographer =(.

Since everyone is busy I called up one of my college classmate Jeff to have lunch with me, so decided we hang out at The Gardens. Among the many restaurants in The Gardens, we chose to dine in Fong Lye because it was the most cheapest restaurant we could find…I guess =). Well I’ve read a lot of positive review about Fong Lye and it is always packed with people!!! Now let’s try it!

The menu pictures look delicious and quite extensive as well, you can choose from snacks, drinks, noodles, rice or the standard set meals that comes with a platter of three appetizers, a bowl of rice with minced pork and a small bowl of chicken soup.

We ordered two types of food, Dry Udon Beef Set Meal and Fried Slice Beef With Green Onion

Dry Udon Beef Set Meal: The slices of beef are soft and tender. I can’t even finish this up cause the portions is too huge for me.

Jeff ‘s Fried Slice Beef With Green Onion looks good too.

We enjoyed our food, chatting and had good laughs, just like any friend gathering luncheon, which is always fun of course! After makan we went window shopping.

Then we saw this! That is definitely one evil sale haha~

All in all we thought the food in Fong Lye was ok, We can’t seem to understand what’s the hype about Fong Lye? But we definitely had a great time catching up =).


Perth Here I Come!

June 13, 2011

I was supposed to go on a holiday to Australia last year, but all of the people I was meant to be going with, have pulled out! So I thought stuff them, this time I’m going traveling with the mister! Anyway, I was planing to visit Brisbane 1st to catch up with my best friend Leslie’s graduation. And then we head to Gold Coast, and Perth is a place I’ve always wanted to visit, so I’m toying with the idea of a 2 week visit at the early of July. I wonder would there be enough to keep me entertained in Perth for 2 weeks hmm…

According to Leslie Perth is a city in Western Australia that is very popular with tourists. As a young and modern city, there are a few “attractions”. The Cottesloe Beach, Swan Valley Food and Wine Trail, Shoalwater Marine Park, Fremantle Prison, sandboarding in Kalbarri and so on…To many Australians, Perth is a world way. The majority of the country’s population lives on the east coast and rarely venture off it. To them, Perth might as well be another country. Perth always seems to be the end of the world- far removed from the rest of the country. But any visit to Australia that doesn’t include the city misses a truly Australian experience.

Confirm! Definitely a great place to get away from it all~ Now I was hoping to get cheap flight tics. So yesterday I went shopping at Sunway Pyramid and I saw this huge ambient sculpture parking in front of Aussino. It’s actually an AirAsia fly to Perth contest. Well joining the contest Is pretty easy~ All you need to do is to take a photo of yourself with the ambient sculpture (at 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Pavillion KL and Sunway Pyramid Shopping ) in the most creative way and you’ll be in the running to win a pair of free flight tickets from AirAsia X!


You can spot them at:-
1) Giant Lobster: Pavilion, near TopShop and La Bodega
2) Fremantle Prison: OneUtama @ GSC Cinema, 4th Floor
3) Sealions: One Utama @ New Wing, 1st Floor
4) Surfboards: Sunway Pyramid @ LG2, near Watson

If you’re shy to take a picture with the ambient sculpture, ask ya kids to do it for you =)!

Took a picture for the mister too~

Contest Mechanics:
1. Participants are required to take a picture of themselves (or with friends) with one of the ambient structures in the most creative way possible & email the picture with their full details (Full Name, Contact Number, Email Address, Ic or Passport Number) to with the subject: ” AirAsia X flies to Perth” !

2. The Organizer will upload selected creative pictures onto for all to see.

3. At the end of the contest period, the organizer will select the 5 most creative pictures which will be put up for pubic voting via “Survey Monkey” on AirAsia Facebook page.

4. All voters can only vote once.

5. Participants need to ‘Like’ AirAsia Facebook page before they can participate.

6. Top 4 photos with the highest public votes win.


Told you as easy as 1, 2, 3. I’ve already submit my picture for the contest…finger cross!!! Now it’s your turn! =D who knows, you might win!

For more information check out the details here

Yes I Am!!

June 11, 2011
Yes, I’m very grateful for the life I’m living, even if it’s not always perfect. I’m grateful for many things~ If I have a bad day, I count at least 10 blessings in my life, and that puts things back into perspective. They include my family, friends, my health, my lovely home, my business, my sense of humor and zest for living, the fact that I can make time for volunteering, the classical music, books and blogs that inspire and sustain me.

But in this very post I wanna say that I am immensely grateful for the supportive and wonderful family and friends who are always there for me in good times and the bad. You guys are my true source of strength. You bring me such security and confidence to do whatever I choose to do, without judgement. That to me is a rare thing indeed.

Well I definitely never forget all my lovely readers who have always been supporting, motivating and encouraging me throughout the years. You people are AWESOME! Thanks so much!!!

And that’s that! I hope you enjoyed that little diary of what I did on my perfect Sunday. Take care everyone, and I promise to post more ‘What I Wore’ post as soon as possible!! xo

Xperia PLAY

June 10, 2011
I love my iPhone!!! Just a brilliant product in the Apple iPhone. It’s a mobile phone, an iPod, and Web browser in your pocket, giving you music, video, e-mail, notes, the Internet, and more. As a cam whore what I really really love about this phone is the camera and all the photo Apps that are available today... I must say, my iPhone is quickly replacing my snap and shoot camera. Oh plus all the exciting games. There are so many exciting iPhone games to kill time =).

I got so addicted to playing games recently. ( WARNING: This might sound disgusting) I even play my iPhone games on the toilet…I know you do too! I
wont take a dump without bringing my phone with me, LOL I can play any game that I have on my iphone on the toilet =D.

Anyway, I was planning to get a new iPhone 4…but I’ve change my mind yesterday after seeing this lil evil.

The Sony Ericsson XPERIA PLAY is no exception, it has a 4-inch display and a 1GHz processor to ensure a smooth gaming experience with exceptional Frames Per Seconds (FPS). Sony Ericsson XPERIA PLAY pack a full gaming and smartphone experience with Android 2.3 aka Gingerbread OS at its heart. What sets XPERIA PLAY apart from other mobile phones with gaming capability are its dedicated gaming controls; which by the way are as good as PlayStation DualShock or PSP Go. And we have the 4-inch touch screen which means that you can play all touch screen game available in Android Market. This is definitely Great news for gamers and even non gamers! With Sony Ericsson XPERIA PLAY, there will never be a dull moment because now you can enjoy non-stop entertainment with the best games on your mobile.

Excited much? Wait I haven’t finish yet! The great news is it is now available from as low as RM848 on Celcom Exec:

• Sign up now and enjoy:
– FREE Multimedia Dock DK300
– FREE exclusive games

– Stand a chance to participate in Sony Ericsson Xperia Play gaming contest to win RM100,000!

Enjoy call rates as low as 10.5sen/min (after 30% discount), free mobile Internet and calls within network on weekends and even low monthly commitment fees!

More information on Xperia PLAY on Celcom’s website!